Previous Festival Winners

11th Annual – SPF-LUV 2022 Play Selection and Weekly Winners

Week 1: February 10th-13th

Shame by Danielle Boss

Spring Brides, Circa 2020 by Wayne L. Firestone

Machete Mary by Carina Torres**Audience Choice BEST PLAY!**

A Brief Encounter by Meny Beriro

Good Intentions by Andrea Woodbridge

Week 2: February 17th-20th

The Other Side of Love by Brenda Bell

Extravagant Toast by Annie Brown

Knots by Robert Moulthrop

Mr. Pinky by Caitland Winsett **Audience Choice BEST PLAY!**

Old Friends by Braddon Mendelson

Week 3: February 24th-27th

Blind Dated by William Zolla II
Unromantic Bouquet by Rex McGregor
Fjords by David Masello
And One More Thing… by Lonnie McGuire
Emergency Contact by Jake Alexander **Audience Choice BEST PLAY!**

9th Annual
February 15 – March 01, 2020

Week 1 – Feb 13 -16th
By the Foot by Genny Yosco
Jack & Jill by CB Murray – WINNER
Spinning the Record by Amanda J. Bermudez
Sleep Here by Michael Long
Bachelorette by Amanda Murphy

Week 2 – Feb 20 -23rd
Moss by Catalina Florina Florescu
Ole! By Joseph Sexton
Doing It by Leonard D Goodisman
Date Show the Game Show by Carina Torres
The Gift by Lawrence Kessenich – WINNER

Week 3 – Feb 27 – March 1st
A Matter of Taste by Amy Drake
John & Eleanor by Serah Bennett
The Story of Oh (Revised and Abridged) by James Colgan
What to Expect When You’re Expecting Our Lord and Savior by Bailey Jordan Garcia – WINNER
The 5 Minute Pill by Richard Roy

2019 February Finalists & Winners

February 7 – February 24, 2019


Week 1 – 02/07/19 -02/10/19

Maneater by Emmy Potter
All I Wanna Do by GennyYosco
The Legally-Binding Consummation of  Lord Benedict De Tancarville
and Lady Christine D’Aguillon by Maia Henkin – WINNER
Love Cures by Patrick McEvoy
Big Three-Ring Goodbye by Michael Long

Week 2 – 02/14/19 – 02/17/19

Advances by Eileen Byrne
Reality Rejects by Susan Boggess – WINNER
Celine and Justin by Kieran Carroll
Hot for Teacher by Amanda Murphy
The Carpenter, the Flood, and the Fart by Lawrence Rinkel

Week 3 – 02/21/19 – 02/24/19

The Difference by Jack Rushton
Foreplay – The App by Walter Thinnes
Waking Up by Jocelyn Freeman
Bangin’ on Rosh Hashana by Nick DeSimone
Bite the App by Tim Allis – WINNER

Previous Festival Winners

2018 February Finalists & Winners

February 8 – February 25, 2018
The Steve & Marie Sgouros Theatre at The Players Theatre
115 MacDougal Street, New York, NY  10012

Week 1: February 08-11, 2018

Turnabout by Christopher Marshall – WINNER
The Depressed Hustler by Michael S. Piatkowski
Countdown by Straton Rushing
The Fairy Tale of America by Michael Niederman
Business As Usual by Genny Yosco

Week 2: February 15-18, 2018

The Eggshells by JC Hopkins
Matt and Susan and Greg and Julie by Walter Thinnes
The Heart Wants by Danielle Fink
V-Card by Stacey Weingarten – WINNER
Belgium Has Fallen by Michael Long

Week 3: February 22-25, 2018

45 Coffee Dates – an excerpt by Antonia Kasper
BeeKeeper by Jack Rushton – WINNER
Whole by Alina Jacobs
Red and the Wolf by Ingrid Oslund
Meep-meep by Paul Pasulka