Welcome to the
12th Annual Short Play Festival!

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SPF Boo!
October 5 – 22, 2023

Thurs – Sat 7pm; Sun 3pm

SPF BOO! 2023 Lineup


Week One: Oct 5 – 8, 2023
“Harwood House” by Andrea Woodbridge
“Blithe Séance” by Eugene Grygo
“Copy and Paste” by Matthew J Kaplan
“The Algorithm” by Megan Kemple
“First Date” by TS Nelson
“When the Spirit Hits You” by Bob MacKay

Week Two: Oct 12 – 15, 2023
“Maternal Bond” by Brenda Bell

“Dracula…in Denver!” by Sarah Congress
“Somewhere in Between” by Sean Morgan
“The House of Joe” by Risa Lewak
“Ghost Job” by Riley Fee

Week Three: Oct 19 – 22, 2023
“The Kindness of Strangers” by Kathryn Loggins
“Stupid Smart House” by Richard Lyons Conlon
“The Red Men” by Jackson Montana
“Escape from Margaritaville” by Maeve Kelley Baker
“Monstrous Villainy” by Rex McGregor

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Congratulations to the winners of our
12th Annual NYC Short Play Festival!
 June 8 – 25, 2023

Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 7pm, Sundays at 3pm


Play descriptions

Week 1: June 8 – 11

“Low Bar” by Julianne Mason
“Just a Cockroach” by Jacob de Guzman-Lawson
“Amazons of Tomorrow” by Rex McGregor
“Twin Towers” by Esther Caporale – WINNER!
“Art Lovers” by William Zolla II

Week 2: June 15 – 18

“Garbage Wars” by Adam Ilardi
“Six Incidents” by Michael Rendino – WINNER!
“Rip Tide” by Marjorie Conn and Joe Quattro
“It’s for the Plot” by Grace Schofield
“Oh, Those Eyes!” by David Christopher
“Myles to Go” by Annie Brown

Week 3: June 22 – 25

“New York Yoga” by Matt and Ariel Aliza Sanders
“Unpacking” by Jackson Bradshaw
“Saving Funny Girl” by Charles Rix
“Romeo and Juliet Visit New York” by Risa Lewak
“Podunk” by David Taylor Little – WINNER!

Submissions will open for our Boo! Festival in June.

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