Submit your short play or musical (under 15 minutes).

SPF-BOO will take place in October 2022.

To submit, follow this link and scroll to the bottom!

Up Next…SPF-BOO 2022
at the
Players Theatre -NYC

Performance Dates:
October 2022
Thur – Sat at 7p & Sun at 3p

Short plays to celebrate the season of spooks!


(Link to Playbill)

Week 1 June 9-12

Meter Maid McGee by Dwight Watson

Roller Stakes by Erin Proctor

Earth Quakes by Nicholas Bompart and Stefania Papadopoulos

Roomies by Molly Kate Babos

Sparks on the 7 Train by William Zolla II *WINNER Best Play by Audience Vote*

Week 2 June 16-19

Vincent’s by Steph Prizhitomsky

Forty-Second Street Forever by Peter Rowan

Snapshots: A Musical in 13 Minutes by Annie Brown

Under the Rainbow by Andrea Woodbridge *WINNER Best Play by Audience Vote*

Poet in the Park by Lianne Walden

Smoking Is Bad for You! By Meny Beriro

Week 3 June 23-26

Furever Home by Michael Sgouros & Brenda Bell

Why Did You Come to New York? By Michael Busani

Jackie Marilyn Marilyn Jackie by Anne V. Grob

Doors by Serena Norr

The Booth by Danielle Boss *WINNER Best Play by Audience Vote*


SPF-LUV 2022 Play Selection

Week 1: February 10th-13th

Shame by Danielle Boss

Spring Brides, Circa 2020 by Wayne L. Firestone

Machete Mary by Carina Torres**Audience Choice BEST PLAY!**

A Brief Encounter by Meny Beriro

Good Intentions by Andrea Woodbridge

Week 2: February 17th-20th

The Other Side of Love by Brenda Bell

Extravagant Toast by Annie Brown

Knots by Robert Moulthrop

Mr. Pinky by Caitland Winsett **Audience Choice BEST PLAY!**

Old Friends by Braddon Mendelson

Week 3: February 24th-27th

Blind Dated by William Zolla II
Unromantic Bouquet by Rex McGregor
Fjords by David Masello
And One More Thing… by Lonnie McGuire
Emergency Contact by Jake Alexander **Audience Choice BEST PLAY!**