Announcing the 9th Annual SPF Boo! Play Selection
Tickets go on sale September 20th


Week One: Oct 10-13

NOCTURNE by Syrie James
Head Trauma by Elise Marenson
The Devil Tree Part Two: Just Desserts by Sean O’Shea
Brian’s Poems by Lawrence Rinkel
POSTAL: A 1940s Rock Musical by Carina Torres

Week Two: Oct 17-20

Turn Around When Possible by Taylor Geu
Dead Body of Truth by Genny Yosco
Wrapped by Patrick McEvoy
O Come, All Ye Faithful by Michael Long
Wingman by Eileen Byrne

Week Three: Oct 24-27

Rosemary’s Other Baby by Kenneth Fallin
“You’ve Got to Put Them Out of Their Misery” by Paul K. Smith
Type by D.S Burrows
Used Heart by Anne V. Grob
Change of Life by Harvey Ussach