Welcome to the
13th Annual Short Play Festival!

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Oct 3 – 23, 2024

Thurs – Sat 7pm; Sun 3pm

We are currently receiving submissions for short plays here!

Congrats to Our Recent SPF NYC Participants!

Week 1
June 6 – 9

In Transit, by Carol Croland
Why in New York, by Maria Agapi
City of Strangers, by Rafael Lyrio
Intermission Play, by Dakota Silvey – Winner!
The Therapy Session, by Risa Lewak

Week 2
June 13 – 16

Waiting for the 6, by Maddy Stillman
A Wandering Life, by Richie Altmanshofer
INTERVIEW, by Steve Fogelman
Busking in the Square, by Herut Ashkenazi
Married Strangers, by Alan CordoBa-Diaz – Winner!

Week 3
June 20 – 23

Duck, Duck, Pigeon, by Kathryn Loggins
Gimme the Light, by Rishi Chowdhary
Locked Out, by Veronica Murphy – Winner!
The Ansonia, by Brenda Bell