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Writing prompts can help writers break out of a rut. Each week or so, new writing prompts will be posted to help spark ideas for any and all of your projects!

Write a play…

About a character who is like Cassandra – they can see the future but no one believes them.

About of group of witches preparing to cast a spell.

That is a parody of your favorite play/book/movie.

In which a cosmetic operation has unexpected results.

That takes place in an alternate universe.

Happy Writing!


Write a play…

About a character who procrastinates which ends in a disasterous result.

That takes place in an abandoned building.

About trick-or-treaters who lose their way.

In which people with opposite beliefs have epiphanies that sway their opinions.

In which a hunter becomes the hunted.

Happy Writing!


Write a play…

About a character who takes a community center class that ends up to be not what they expected.

In which a character who was bullied in high school runs into their former bully.

That takes place on a college campus.

That is a one person play with the teacher giving a lecture to the audience (their students).

In which a school bus driver loses their cool.

Happy Writing!


Write a play…

In which a character discovers a book that seems to be the story of their life…do they skip to the end?

In which two penpals who have corresponded for years finally meet.

That takes place in a fantasy world or on another planet.

Where a character discovers the job they are interviewing for is not what they thought it would be.

That takes place in Heaven…or Hell.

Happy Writing!


Write a play…

Whose main character is an ice cream truck driver.

In which a discovery is made in a tundra.

That takes place during the Iditarod.

Where one, two, or more characters get locked in a food freezer at a restaurant.

In which the characters are lost in the snowy wilds of Alaska.

Happy Writing!


Write a play…

In which two strangers (or enemies) find themselves trapped in an elevator.

Where a high-stakes game of Truth or Dare takes place at a family gathering–secrets are revealed.

In which a time-taveling device malfunctions, cause the traveler to end up in a time they didn’t intend.

In which someone receives a mystery letter–with a key.

With characters pulled from your favorite Shakespeare play.

Happy Writing!


Write a play…

That takes place in a different country than the one you live in.

That takes place on a road trip.

Where it’s a character’s first day on the job.

In which a historical event turned out differently.

That takes place in the past.

Happy Writing!


Write a play…

Where the characters are sharing a ten course meal–what will they discover about each other?

That takes place in a busy restaurant kitchen.

With characters who do not speak the same language–how will they communicate?

With houseguests who won’t leave.

That takes place in the future.

Happy Writing!
Write a play…

That takes place at the beach–does something tragic happen, or is this a comedy of errors?

With two characters competing in a surfing contest.

That takes place at a 4th of July picnic. Fireworks? What could possibly go wrong?!

About characters stranded on a boat in the ocean. Do they get along? Will they be rescued?

With two characters who are very sunburned after a day at the pool/beach.

Happy Writing!



Write a play…

That takes place in a challenging environment (extreme cold/heat–or anything else you can think of!).

In which a disturbing family secret is revealed.

That is spoken in rhyme or is based on a fairytale.

Where the characters are on a vacation.

In which the main character is a superhero.

Happy Writing!


Write a play…

That takes place in a haunted house.

Where one of the characters is a ghost–does the other person know?

That takes place at a meeting with monsters.

About characters lost in the woods at night.

That takes place on Halloween.

About a character on the run from a murderer.

Happy Writing!



Write a play…

About the morning after a party where everyone wakes up not remembering what happened…

With two enemies who discover they are actually related.

With someone going around town looking for a missing pet.

About an upstanding member of society with a secret sinister past.

About an experiment that goes wrong.

Happy Writing!


Write a play…

About someone who finds a bag of money–what will they do?

That begins with a couple fighting over something serious that isn’t revealed until the end of the play–and perhaps turns out to be trivial.

That takes place in May of 1868 (the first observance of Memorial Day).

Where the characters are animals that are frightened by something mundane that humans do.

Where the child characters are played by adults.

Happy Writing!



Write a play…

About someone who finds a map with an x-marked spot—where does it lead them?

That begins with the phrase “I can’t believe you talked me into this”.

About someone who is temporarily unable to see after surgery.

About someone who has lost something important.

With two people competing for the same job.

Happy Writing!



Write a play…

About someone living a new life in Witness Protection. Will they get found out?

About someone with a thriving bakery business who has been using a dubious secret ingredient. Will they get caught?

About someone entering a chili cook-off for the 10th year in a row who has never won but really wants to. Will they sabotage others’ entries to win?

That begins and ends with the same line.

About a thief who breaks into a home and gets caught. Will they charm their victim or get sent to jail?

Happy Writing!