The Annual Players Theatre
Short Play & Musical Festival

Boo! 2023

Blithe Séance
Performance Dates: Oct 5 – 7 at 7pm; Oct 8 at 3pm 

It’s autumn 1999 and THEO’s semi-closeted world in Boston is suddenly in turmoil. His employer, a prominent investment bank Pilgrim Partners, wants him to move to San Francisco for the dotcom revolution. THEO has sold his home in Boston but wants to free it from an aggressive ghost, his former roommate RUPERT, whom THEO was secretly in love with. THEO has set up an appointment with flamboyant psychic-medium JASPER in an attempt to resolve the situation. The séance is epic and it becomes clear that in order to make peace with RUPERT, THEO must finally be true to himself – the one that he fears the most.


  • THEO JAWORKSKY, mid-30’s; lean and youthful; anxious; has a strong Boston accent
  • JASPER WRIGHT, mid-50’s; round but agile; a sanguine psychic-medium; must have a Southern drawl
  • RUPERT ANKER, late 30’s; handsome and tall; a restless ghost

CONTACT INFORMATION: Please send a resume, headshot, and a reel to Eugene Grygo at [email protected]
In-person auditions planned for between September 5 and September 9.