Week 1

“In Transit”, by Carol Croland

A woman, listening to music, is in her own world in a subway car, when a man, dressed in a hamburger suit, enters. After a curt and unfriendly exchange, the subway stops and is delayed. The duo, disconnected at first, find they may have things in common by the time the subway heads uptown.


“Why in New York?”, by Maria Agapi

This is the last night that a mother and daughter spend together in New York. Starting with a light note, it turns into a fight between them. A mother who deeply misses her daughter and doesn’t understand her life choices and a daughter who wants to keep dreaming.

“City of Strangers” , by Rafael Lyrio

A young man celebrates his 27th birthday and invites a colleague of his from work, that he is enthralled by, to his apartment to celebrate.

“Intermission Play”, by Dakota Silvey

Inspired by a pain-in-the-ass apartment play, a couple considers skipping out during an intermission.

“The Therapy Session”, by Risa Lewak

And older married couple seek help from a marriage counselor to stop bickering

Week 2

“Waiting for the 6”, by Maddy Stillman

Friends who are waiting for the subway after a night out distract each other while waiting by chatting about nothing, until feelings of existential crises arise and hangxiety takes over. They discuss bagels, “casual” relationships, hangover cures and the meaning of life.

“A Wandering Life”, by Richie Altmanshofer

A knight in shining armor, a prophecy, a necklace that means everything. Greg shows up at Kat’s apartment in an attempt to return a charm necklace that he believes will keep him wandering forever as long as it’s in his possession—but a series of events prove to challenge his resolve.

“INTERVIEW”, by Steve Fogelman

Recent college grad, Valerie Albright, wants the job assisting treasured Broadway playwright, Norm Richards, whose flailing career requires revival. His irrational needs make hiring anyone almost impossible, though Valerie is determined, as she wants more than a job, but also the opportunity to reestablish a relationship with her estranged grandfather.

“Busking in the Square”, by Herut Ashkenazi

In Times Square,we see a new basker coming to sing and getting into trouble with another one. That leads to a police involvement and a surprising romance at the end… It’s a window to the world of struggling artists in the city.

“Married Strangers”, by Alan CordoBa-Diaz

A married couple decide to finally have a date for the first time since the pandemic in the city but to spice things up, Jim, the husband, decides on a game of strangers at the bar with his wife, Karen. Sadly, that doesn’t go at all according to plan.

Week 3

“Duck, Duck, Pigeon”, by Kathryn Loggins

Mallard and Drake are two ducks from Chelsea heading to the Central Park lake to explore something “New Yorky”. When they get lost and a sketchy pigeon named Paulie mistakes them for the ducks he’s supposed to make a deal with, things for both parties don’t go as planned.

“Gimme the Light”, by Rishi Chowdhary

Three South Asian friends in their twenties search for light at a convenience store during the blackout of New York City on August 14, 2003.

“Locked Out”, by Veronica Murphy

When one door closes, or locks behind you, another one opens. Neighbors get a second chance at love after Roz accidentally locks herself out of her apartment on her way to the worst party ever. In NYC, love is around the corner, or locked out of the apartment next door.

“The Ansonia”, by Brenda Bell

Strange things are afoot at the famous New York building The Ansonia.