Week 1 Feb 8-11

“FORE!” by Kathryn Rossetter
Three siblings argue over burying their father in a Golf Ball Urn. Is it a disrespectful joke or something more? As they open old wounds and dissect his love of the game, they discover a depth to him they never recognized and a potential to heal their own discords.

“All God’s Children Got Equipment” by John Paul Porter
Two strangers meet in a hospital waiting room, fall into an argument, then experience an intimate moment together.

“Just Me and the Ceiling Fan” by Lorenzo Duran and Shino Frances
Airanaya has escaped to a house in the desert to sober up and tend to their broken heart. They find themselves alone with their thoughts – conflicted between connection and disconnect; loneliness and longing; self-loathing and hope. A glimpse into a grieving mind, reaching for a love they cannot touch.

“I Don’t” by Kaitlyn Rose RaBocse
Kelly and Sandra, best friends and roommates, discover one of their friends from college got engaged to her infamous cheater boyfriend. This bit of gossip turns into a conversation about marriage, true love and true friendship. Is marriage really necessary to find your lifelong companion?

“An Unwanted Ménage à Trois” by Brenda Bell
A husband, a wife, and a spirit make for an uneasy thrupple in this period piece where all is not as it seems.

Week 2 Feb 15-18

“Love in the Time of Kindergarten” by Kathryn Loggins
Jo and Denny are two kindergarteners at recess. Jo is immersed in playing with her toys while Denny aches to make a connection with her. When he joins her in play they form a palpable bond despite their differences – as kids so often do.

“We Will Always Have Paris” by JC Hopkins
After a perfect time in Paris, back in gritty NYC, Louise decides to break up with her lover Jack while they are at a high point knowing it could only go downhill from there. Jack does not want to go gently into that good night.

“On the Sidelines” by Serena Norr
MAPLE Is visiting her high school reunion, sitting on the sidelines drinking punch and watching everyone dance. She strikes up a conversation with TERO as they dance around life, love, and possibility.

“Interrogation of Love” by Ben Dworken
A trio of female crime fighters named “Charlie’s Cherubs” teaches Matt, a young man with autism not to be afraid to pursue romance on the eve of his first date.

“Thots & Prayers” by Riley Fee
Sister Stella Virgin’s alone time with her erotic novel turns into an early morning confessional session when Father Neil Downs enters the picture.

Week 3 Feb 22-25

“Fresh Kills” by Sarah Congress
Isabella and Michael recently matched on a dating app and are going on their very first date. However, the date is during the COVID-19 pandemic. Things are going well, till Isabella, a Democrat, learns that Michael is a liberal…Republican. Will they make it to Staten Island in one piece?

“Let’s Go Out for Dinner” by Matthew Foster
Sean is coming home for the weekend with his new fiancé, Jesse, for a dinner party at his parents’ home. Jesse’s parents are coming too. Love is certainly in the air, and so is surprise! Sean and Jesse are young men, coming “out” for dinner to their parents.

“The Place Where We Meet” by Grace Schofield
Thomas and Jenna’s job is to make people fall in love. The only problem is that they are in love themselves and cannot be together. One night a year they get to be together, but Jenna doesn’t know if it’s worth it anymore. Can love truly conquer everything else?

“Putting it Behind Us” by Bob MacKay
Brett and Maddie are celebrating their two-month anniversary with a weekend mini-moon at the local Marriott, but their romantic plans are derailed when Maddie has a decidedly unromantic incident.

“Relationship Status Report” by Veronica Murphy
In this comedy, all is fair in love, war and the morning news. Jeff and Daphne are co-anchors, who have recently started dating. Their relationship, and the future of their careers, are put to the test when they have to disclose their romantic relationship to their jealous producer, Caroline.