Week 1 Feb 9-12

“What You say, Boson Q?” by David Malouf — WINNER!
The audience is a ‘test audience’ previewing a new version of The Newlywed Game in which a young married couple competes with Boson Q, a super computer with access to online information about them. Boson Q reveals secrets about the couple that strain the marital bonds.

“Differently Abling” by Zoé Badovinac
Two very differently disabled people are on a first date. He’s American, she’s British. There are misunderstandings and tensions at first. Eventually, they find humour around their different disabilities and cultures. Finally, there are indications this may lead somewhere, potentially stronger because they will learn from and support each other.

“The Rules” by Megan Kemple
A “situationship” ending in an engagement, but not a happy ending.

“Our Daughter’s Wedding” by Saima Huq
In 2008, a long-divorced couple meet again at their grown daughter’s wedding and discuss why they never should have married 35 years ago.

“Feng Shui” by Taylor Vetter
We think we know our partner but do we ever know what they’re really thinking or, more importantly, what they’re capable of? Kevin very sweetly brings lunch to the office for his partner James…but James quickly finds out that Kevin brought a whole lot of trouble with him.

Week 2 Feb 16-19

“Wedding Blues” by Frank Stancati
A distraught bride finds solace in the mens room of the wedding venue. A stranger tries to help her cope. But when the Bridesmaid and Groom appear, secrets are revealed that could threaten a happy every after.

“Tomorrow” by David Taylor Little
Brad and Todd have just awoken from a one-night-stand…but Brad would like the date to continue. Will Todd be able to overcome his fear of commitment? Will Brad be able to break through Todd’s defenses?

“The Immortal Jellyfish” by Elise Valderrama
When a young and brilliant scientist falls for her aging colleague, she goes to strange length just to keep him alive. However, he has a few tricks up his sleeve as well… And that spells disaster.

“Marriage Counseling on Valentine’s Day” by William Zolla II– WINNER!
On Valentine’s Day, a therapist with a painful secret uses unconventional means in an effort to unearth the seemingly buried love between a bickering, married couple.

“Do I Know You?” by Michael Long
A couple fresh to the afterlife learns a lesson both beautiful and tragic — about not only love but also the meaning of life.

Week 3 Feb 23-26

“Forever?” by Mike Teverbaugh
The spirit of a recently deceased man comes back to his wife to find out if she still loves him.

“The 7 Local to Bliss Street” by Charlie Finesilver
Betsy and Steven are young lovers who are dealing with her mother’s strong disapproval of him. But after three years together he finally proposes to her right on the train- and she accepts with wild excitement, exiting to a horse drawn carriage with white roses at Bliss Street.

“The Muse” by Matthew Carpenito
“Painter” and “Muse” are our protagonists, two men who grew up together and have not talked for nine years. As Painter paints Muse, the two talk and connect about their lives apart, and their past together, slowly revealing their feelings for one another.

“She’s Got His Number” by Rex McGregor
Travelers on an age-restricted adventure tour are supposed to be between 25 and 45. But the tour guide has her doubts about a man who appears much older.

“Love Potion 69” by Andrea Woodbridge
An old woman in circa 1604 England makes potions for townspeople. Her love potions have limitations, however: they only work within the bounds of what an individual is capable of. And to individuals that she deems unworthy, the potions can have dire consequences.