Week 1: June 8-11

“Low Bar” by Julianne Mason
Dating is exhausting. JANE is looking for a relationship, which proves very hard to do. We follow her on a series of increasingly zany first dates, as she tries to find her prince/ss charming. Maybe just a good match. Maybe just a half-decent person? The bar is getting low.

“Just a Cockroach” by Jacob de Guzman-Lawson
A couple on the rocks tries to answer one of life’s greatest questions, “Do we have bed bugs?”

“Amazons of Tomorrow” by Rex McGregor
Eleanor Roosevelt demands the removal of what she considers anti-feminist activities at the 1939 New York World’s Fair. But she struggles to be progressive in her personal life. Will she dare acknowledge her relationship with Lorena Hickok?

“Twin Towers” by Esther Caporale
Twin Towers presents two characters who are dealing with the ghosts and pain of 9/11. Through a chance encounter, they help one another to hope and healing. The show focuses on the resilience of New Yorkers in the face of one of the worst tragedies in the history of the city.

“Art Lovers” by William Zolla II
On the 25th Anniversary of SoHo’s first major art gallery, the grandson of the gallery’s co-founder discovers some interesting facts about his beloved grandfather from an internationally renowned artist.

Week 2: June 15-18

“Garbage Wars” by Adam Ilardi
Gen-z rebels get themselves into an unlikely profession on reality TV—finding and selling garbage they find on the streets of NYC. It’s every man and woman for themselves. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Join them on their quest to hit it big and see what trouble they get into along the way.

“Six Incidents” by Mike Rendino
An uncomfortable situation on a subway ride has very different outcomes depending on attitudes and responses of passengers. Ranging from reality to absurdity and darkness to light, there are many possibilities to every event in our lives. It is up to us to choose.

“Rip Tide” by Majorie Conn and Joe Quattro
Two ghosts in crisis ride the Staten Island ferry. Their job is to play pranks but one of them is distracted by the Statue of Liberty. See what choices ghosts make to find freedom and have fun.

“It’s for the Plot” by Grace Schofield
Violet, overwhelmed with fear and doubt, battles with the decision of moving to the Big Apple and leaving her best friend, River, behind. Violet spirals as River tries to help her make this life-changing decision. There’s no place like unique New York…right?

 “Oh, Those Eyes!” by David Christopher
n 1957 a college student goes to New York for spring break. He has a confusing experience in New York. A conversation with his driver clarifies his attraction to men.

“Myles to Go” by Annie Brown
Myles To Go follows Emma, a 25-year-old new New Yorker, in her endeavors to find connection in a city that feels so big. In an instant moment of connection with a complete stranger’s soul, what happens if she runs towards her feelings rather than away from them?

Week 3: June 22-25

“New York Yoga” By Matt and Ariel Aliza Sanders
A self-styled guru teaches his hipster students the value of stress and an urban style of yoga.

“Unpacking” by Jackson Bradshaw
When a mother moves her adult child into their first apartment, the two are confronted by all the unspoken conversations of their past.

“Saving Funny Girl” by Charles Rix
New York runs on luck, but what does that look like? A couple on their way to see Funny Girl encounters difficulties and a mysterious stranger that changes their plans and their lives.

“Romeo and Juliet Visit New York” by Risa Lewak
When Romeo and Juliet find themselves in New York, their opposing reactions to the city puts their relationship in jeopardy.

“Podunk” by David Taylor Little
Tyson and Micah are about to finish their first date when Tyson goes in for a kiss. Micah recoils, but maybe not for the reasons Tyson initially thinks.