The Week 1 Winner of the 8th Annual February Festival – Sex!

Week One Winner – Sex! 2019

Maia Henkin
Maia Henkin – Playwright

Congratulations to Maia Henkin whose play The Legally-Binding Consummation of  Lord Benedict De Tancarville is the Week One winner of the 8th annual Players Theatre Short Play Festival – Sex! 2019.

The Legally-Binding Consummation of Lord Benedict De Tancarville is set during the medieval period, where a marriage was not seen as legitimate unless the couple had intercourse–in front of a witness. Her play imagines the circumstances wherein two newlyweds struggle to consummate their marriage in what must have been a nerve-wracking, embarrassing ordeal. Seven hundred years ago, sex was still awkward.

The production was directed by Becky Abramowitz and the talented cast included: Michael Sweeney Hammond as Lord Benedict, Katie Rose Krueger as Lady Christine, and Andrew R. Cooksey Jr. as Friar Ulric
Week 1 Winner
The Legally-Binding Consummation of Lord Benedict De Tancarville